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A strong relationship when you need it most

We understand that the end of a relationship is a stressful time. That’s why a CopperTree family lawyer will be your steady hand. We are your trusted partner throughout your divorce, property settlement or child custody /parenting matter. Ours will be a relationship that you can rely on. We will be sympathetic and professional, while prepared to be tough when it’s needed.

Personal Attention

We will listen to your story and find out what matters to you. After all, every divorce, property settlement and parenting arrangements are different. We don’t make assumptions about your hopes or needs. And we are not judgemental about your circumstances or reasons. We simply listen and understand.

Based in Erina, our family law practice is easily accessible for clients in Gosford, Terrigal, Wamberal, Avoca, and Copacabana. Although our clients travel from all over the Central Coast for the personal attention they deserve.

Understanding the Issues

Once we understand what is important to you, we can explain the family law options open to you. Our family law advice will clarify how your needs fit into the laws relating to financial assets and parenting decisions.

Course of Action

There are two sides to every story. And although we are only interested in yours, we will explain what family law advice your partner is likely to be receiving about your circumstances. This will help us determine the preferred course of action to achieve the best results for you.

Reaching an agreement to divide your assets without relying on the court’s decision will help preserve your finances for your all-important future. Therefore, our family law advice might include mediation or other counseling services. We will aim to present a proposal to the other party that meets your needs and is acceptable to their legal representative.


Once we have agreed on a course of action, we will stay in touch with you regularly to keep you updated. If the other party’s family lawyer requests any changes to the property settlement or child custody/parenting proposal, we will liaise with you. Ensuring the new proposal can still meet your needs.

Obtaining a Resolution

Although divorce/separation is an emotional time, it is important to realise that the courts seek an equitable result for both parties. A CopperTree family lawyer helps bridge the gap between the emotions of the parties and the likely outcome in court. If you are required to attend court, the Family Courts are not based on the Central Coast, so any hearings will take place in Newcastle, Sydney or Parramatta with your expert family lawyer by your side.

Your first step is to call CopperTree Family Law. Obtaining a resolution through our family lawyers based right here on the Central Coast can save you a great deal of time, money and stress.

Genuine Professional

“I would highly recommend Cheryl for your family law needs. She is professional, efficient, committed and friendly to work with. Cheryl will endeavour to achieve the best outcome for you.”

Annonymous - March 2021

Genuine Professional

"You'll know Cheryl is there from her genuine care for you. She is there to support you 100%, when you are going through the darkest time. She is not only a capable solicitor, but has a deep understanding in keeping emotional strength, as sometimes the toughest thing is to deal with "fear" itself. Cheryl has a down to earth approach, she will ground you and you will feel assured. She works with morals, and you feel confident when you hear other solicitors make compliments on her work."

M.B. Case 2016-2018

Genuinely Care

"Cheryl is one of the most prepared solicitors I have worked with, her approach is thorough and she genuinely cares about each case she takes on. She always provides balanced advice that takes on board both sides of the situation to make sure every decision is the best one you can make. When my family was faced with the chaos of separation, and I had to try and understand the legal processes involved with property, parenting arrangements, and every other detail, Cheryl was there to break down each step and give me confidence in knowing that I was being taken care of. She took the time to listen to my feelings and concerns, was patient and yet highly professional at all times. Cheryl has taken the stress out of the legal process for me so that I can focus on rebuilding my life and my future with my children."


We find what matters to you.

At CopperTree Family Law, we protect and advocate for your interests at all times, while advising you of the legal framework under which your needs will be considered.

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